Swansea 16 June 2022: The Tractatus Odyssey & Wittgenstein in Swansea Conference LIVE STREAM

Ludwig Wittgenstein: An Austrian in Swansea

The exhibition “The Tractatus Odyssey”, complemented by three new roll-ups on Wittgenstein in Swansea, will run from 9-23 June at the Singleton Library, Swansea University

Live Stream of the entire conference on https://vimeo.com/event/2113004

16 June 2022, Conference at Swansea University Singleton Campus

Wittgenstein at Swansea Introduction: Dr. Alan Sandry, Swansea University

Ludwig Wittgenstein and Vienna. Roundtable discussion:
Prof. Ray Monk, Emeritus Professor, University of Southampton
Radmila Schweitzer, Secretary General, Wittgenstein Initiative, Vienna
Françoise Stonborough, Journalist, Translator, Co-Founder of the Wittgenstein Initiative, Vienna
Dr. Alfred Schmidt, Austrian National Library

In and Out of Cambridge
What did Cambridge ever do for Wittgenstein? Aspects of “place” in Wittgenstein’s process: Jonathan Smith, University of Cambridge

“It’s good to be away from Cambridge & to be here, & among friendly people” – Wittgenstein about Swansea in his letters to Ben Richards: Dr. Alfred Schmidt, Austrian National Library

Swansea in the 1940’s: History and Recollections

The Kardomah Boys and 1940’s Swansea: Jeff Towns, Honorary Fellow, Swansea University, antiquarian bookdealer, author, and the foremost expert on Dylan Thomas
Family Recollections of Wittgenstein: Jamie Bill, son of Barbara Clement and grandson of Albert and Mary Clement, with whom Wittgenstein lodged

Rush Rhees, the Swansea School and Wittgenstein’s Legacy

Rush Rhees, Philosophical Ideas and Literature: James Kelman, Book Prize Winner, co-author of Between Thought and Expression Lies a Lifetime: Why Ideas Matter with Noam Chomsky
Peter Winch, D Z Phillips and the Swansea School: Dr Mario Von Der Ruhr, Swansea University

Wittgenstein’s impact on Welsh Philosophy and Literature

J.R. Jones and Wittgenstein: Dr Huw Williams, Cardiff University
Raymond Williams and Wittgenstein: Prof. Daniel Williams, Swansea University

Official Opening of the exhibition The Tractatus Odyssey and Wittgenstein’s Swansea Years
Swansea University Singleton Library
Radmila Schweitzer, Wittgenstein Initiative Vienna

Public Lecture: Wittgenstein in Swansea: Ray Monk, Emeritus Professor, University of Southampton
Wallace Lecture Theatre, Wallace Building, Singleton Campus, Swansea University