Cooperation with The Ludwig Wittgenstein Project

The Wittgenstein Initiative is happy to announce its cooperation with The Ludwig Wittgenstein Project and is looking forward to our joint projects!

The LWP is a multilingual website that aims to make Wittgenstein’s works available online free of charge and with a free license.

On 1 January 2022, Wittgenstein’s works entered the public domain in those countries where rights expire 70 years after the death of the author. Therefore, they are now out of copyright almost everywhere in the world. The LWP provides complete, well-formatted, downloadable, free digital books: the German or English originals are available as well as translations in multiple languages, some of which were purpose-made by and for the project.

Thanks to the work of the Wittgenstein Archives Bergen, excellent online resources have been available for many years which provide transcriptions and facsimiles of the Nachlass. These documents are very valuable for researchers who need to dive into the depths of Wittgenstein, but they are difficult to approach for a non-specialized audience. The LWP’s goal is to make Wittgenstein’s edited writings that were published in book form during the 20th century more readily available to readers from all over the world, including students, philosophy enthusiasts without a background in Wittgenstein, experts (who might find its search and export tools useful), etc.

The Wittgenstein Initiative and the Ludwig Wittgenstein Project share the goal of bringing Wittgenstein’s legacy to the general public. Thanks to this cooperation, the Ludwig Wittgenstein Project is now looking to publish the first Italian translation of the correspondence between Ludwig and Paul Wittgenstein – hoping that this will be but the first of many successful cooperative efforts.

For more information: About the LWP | LWP Contacts