The Wittgenstein Initiative is a Vienna-based intellectual forum that aims to reintroduce and affirm Ludwig Wittgenstein as one of Vienna’s singular cultural phenomena and to further Wittgenstein’s legacy through Bildung and a tangible presence of his work and ideas. We are in a unique position to establish Vienna as a city of prime importance for Wittgenstein the human being as well as Wittgenstein the philosopher: not only to reveal the importance of Wittgenstein’s Vienna, but also to demonstrate that he was, in a very important sense, Vienna’s Wittgenstein.

UNESCO Certificate and Nomination Form

Extract from the Nomination Form International Memory of the World Register Philosophical Nachlass of Ludwig Wittgenstein (Austria, Canada, Netherlands, UK)…
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UNESCO Memory of the World Register: Nachlass Ludwig Wittgenstein

Philosophical Nachlass of Ludwig Wittgenstein Documentary heritage submitted by Austria, Canada, Netherlands and the United Kingdom and recommended for inclusion…
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Ludwig Wittgenstein: Von der Fliege im Fliegenglas

Der Philosoph ist ein Fixpunkt, wenn Wien 2018 die Moderne groß feiert. Kurier, 17. Juli 2017, Werner Rosenberger Spurensuche im…
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Buchpräsentation Marjorie Perloff EDGE OF IRONY

Dienstag, 26. September 2017, 19 Uhr Grillparzerhaus (Literaturmuseum), Johannesgasse 6, 1010 Wien Modernism in the Shadow of the Habsburg Empire…
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VIDEO Form, Experience, and Meaning: Wittgenstein and Loos as Architects

12 May 2017 Christopher Long (School of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin) Allan Janik (Universität Innsbruck, Forschungsinstut Brenner Archiv)…
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Wittgenstein in Norway’s Østerrike

Der Standard, 2. Juni 2017 Østerrike über dem Fjord: In einem Kaff in Norwegen schrieb der große Philosoph einige seiner…
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Wittgenstein in Norwegen: Welcher Weg führt zum Genie?

Wer auf Wittgensteins Spuren wandert, kann nicht nur Logik lernen: In der Welt des Philosophen lag Österreich an einem Fjord.…
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Ludwig Wittgenstein und Adolf Loos: Formen der Wiener Moderne AUSVERKAUFT/SOLD OUT

Freitag, 12. Mai 2017, 18:30 Uhr BKI "Haus Wittgenstein", Galerie-Parterre Saal Parkgasse 18, 1030 Wien Podiumsgespräch mit anschließender Diskussion Eintritt…
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Egon Schiele in the Light of the Philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Theory of Musical Composition of Arnold Schönberg

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Egon Schiele’s Place in Wittgenstein’s Vienna

A dialogue between Allan Janik and Carla Carmona 30 September 2016, Leopold Museum Carla Carmona: I will begin with the…
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Wittgenstein and Hegel – Reevaluation of Difference

June 28–30, 2017 TU Dresden, Germany “Hegel seems to me to be always wanting to…
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VIDEO Wittgenstein Komplett: sein Nachlass

15 December 2016 Allan Janik, Michael Nedo, Alois Pichler, Nuno Venturinha, Max Hadersbeck, Herbert Hrachovec BKI Haus Wittgenstein Vienna
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„Stultitiae limes non notus est. Inanitas cerebrorum in dies expavescit.“
Ludwig Wittgenstein to his brother Paul, 1936

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